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A narrative puzzle game in which you have to reconstitute a family tree by living slices of lives of a French family.


A survival and management game about a nomadic tribe with atypical turn-based mechanics.


A chaotic cooperative game in which you must build furniture as a team!


A multiplayer game about dwarves fighting each other 
Server closed in April 2019.

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A little about...


Unexpected is a studio born in November 2015 following the crazy bet to make video games with a fully junior team ! 


For 4 years, a dozen people has been working at the studio to create new worlds for players, 


In our games, we put the emphasis on graphic originality and gameplay. 


In the span of 4 years, Unexpected has created and released 3 games. looK INside and As Far As The Eye are now available on Steam and met a great success with the community.  


Unexpected is now working on a new project and the second chapter of looK INside.


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