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Will you find the secrets of the family ?

looK INside is an episodic narrative game in 2.5D based on the interactions that the player performs in a book summarizing in pictures and texts the life of a French family at different times and periods in the life of its members.

You play as Manon, the youngest of a French family of whom she knows little. When she discovers a book in the attic of her parents' house, she will then be immersed in life stories.

The goal for Manon is to get to know her family through all the periods in which she has not known them and to reconstruct a complete family tree located on the first page of the book.




We offer a fable on transmission and memory, mixing literary and graphic arts and giving an air of poetry to these people whom we know so well and so badly at the same time.



We do not want to make looK INside a detective game; no mystery, no massive family secret.

We want to give the family an air of truth and simplicity.


​Our ambition is to provide the player with a tailor-made experience with several means of solving small playful puzzles based on the reaction that the objects of the game have to the actions of the player.



We hope to have made a little homecoming with KIN, a tribute to these men and women who made us who we are, with their qualities and their faults but above all with their humanity.


"A good introduction, captivating, motivating for the future…[...] The old-fashioned point & click is dead, the narrative game is alive and well, and this mix of the two makes the experience particularly modern, intelligent and surprising."

- Gamesidestory

"The game has an overall friendly tone, and if you want a soft-handed narrative that lets you discover things in a clever, thought-provoking way, while still maintaining a very playful sense, you’ll want to brew a nice coffee or tea and kick back with LooK INside."

- Indie Game Plus


The team

Lauriane AVELINE - Chef de Projet

Lauriane Aveline

Cheffe de projet

Audrey Hess - Directric Artistique looK INside

Audrey Hess

Directrice Artistique

Ambre Lacour - Programmeuse looK INside

Ambre Lacour


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