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Creative Contest

From March 19 to 29

Dear players, 


We discussed how best to get you involved with in-game content, and we agreed on putting your creativity to the test while giving you a sneak preview of the world’s history of As Far As The Eye.


Although you probably know a few snippets of it, it does not cost anything to remind you that we have created a universe in which the Pupils, little beings connected to nature, begin a journey to the center of the world called the Eye. The Eye watches over the Pupils and, as the immersion of the land begins, the Eye empties of its tears to welcome its children.


In order to guide them in their exodus, the Eye calls on you and enjoins you to lead the Pupils safely.


Make up a little story and take A FATE into your hands with Pupils to whom you will give original names that stick with the universe.

  • You are free to imagine the story that suits you but note that our selection will focus on consistency with the universe presented, originality and vocabulary.

  • You can create this story alone or in a group.

  • You can make it as short or as long as you want.

  • Make a fun story, let your imagination run wild, spelling is secondary

  • Do not hesitate to illustrate your story or send us memories of its development (photos, participatory documents ...).

  • Pay attention to the words you use, there is no violence in As Far As The Eye, no brutality, no insults, no attack …

  • The Wind has a central place in the game (and for good reason, you are the Sigh), do not forget to integrate it into your story!

  • A story is not necessarily only text, you can draw, paint, sing, play music, create a website, a mini-game, build a cosplay, just think of the names of your Pupils!


If your story is selected you will win a game key and the original names given to your pupils will be in the game database used to randomly choose the names of the pupils at the start of the game.

Name rules:

  • No more than 15 characters

  • No references to brands (for example Nikadidas)

  • No hidden meaning/phrase (for example Iluvapples)

  • No insults (example: -_- = $ # *%)

  • No special symbols (example: -_ = $ # *%)

  • No numbers

  • No composition or space.


Text References

Pupils Activities


Text References

Pupil Activities


Send your story before March 30, 2020 to com [@] unexpected-studio.com

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