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Look for inspiration in the details

Do not be satisfied with the obvious.

I want to talk to you about inspiration. This is an underlying concern for any artist, be it novice or senior, salaried or self-employed.

The first problem I encounter is saturation.

Today we are surrounded by images, especially when browsing the internet. It's a chance, but also an endless spiral. It let me with the feeling that everything has been done, and seeing so much talent can become paralyzing, vain.

The other problem I encounter is picking references from flat images, or similar media. I include Artbooks, although we can touch them. It's getting boring. So, I get used to look at the world around me. And I do not mean to scrutinize as to draw from observation (which is rather to practice and improve technically), but to observe the details. It allows me to feed my visual vocabulary but especially to consider using details observed independently in a context detached from its place of origin. In the same way, to look at an aspect of an object (shape, proportion, colors, texture ...) without paying attention to its functionality can inspire us in a precise subject that we would have to realize (a good example: the form of tools that inspire Eric Geusz's ships).

To bring together elements that have nothing to do with each other gives me the impression of approaching "creativity". We must remain curious, in life as in work, to feed our artistic activities

Concretely, I have the reflex to take pictures of elements that could be useful to me - if I do not have the opportunity to sketch them. These are not quality photos, but sparkes for thoughts, ideas to apply to different topics. A small selection of my own photos:

Application in dWARf

At the end of January, we launch the first pre-alpha. The temporary menus are ready on the dev side, just like the launcher. It's time to update all that to make people want to discover more!

Let’s rethink the UI (user interface), and move away from the idea of it ​​being very flat. My goal is to give a little depth to the menus.

I was still in Alsace a few days before, and the architecture had not left me indifferent. So I went back to my photos to extract shapes and textures.

While drawing in architectural elements, I do not deviate so much from the basic functionality, decorative, but I detach somewhat the element from its context.

Here are some searches, including what you may have observed during the opening of the servers.

And as sometimes we can remember a detail that may interest us, do not forget the teleportation, aka:

Google street view

For the research phase concerning the upcoming arena (Arès), I used it to look at a resolutely typical and old building in some downtown, which could correspond to the type of atmosphere that I imagined. Another time, I wanted to find a building whose architecture had intrigued me, in a train launched at some 280km / h. As I quickly noted an information to locate it - a barracks with the name written in huge, easy - I only had to go up the railway on Maps.

In short, if you are on the look for a similar career, do not be surprised to stop at each winding tree, each original architecture, each harmonious twig, each contrasting sky ... and to navigate through google map to find this beautiful rock that you had crossed at the edge of a highway.

- Audrey Hess


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